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Ten settings - are you up to it?
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Welcome to 10settings, a new fanfic challenge community! Inspired by communities like 10_whores and 10_letters, this community challenges you to write 10 fanfics in 10 different settings. Are you up to it? Follow the steps below if you are!

I. Join the community. (It's that first little blue line at the top of the profile page.) Of course watching is allowed, but we invite you to participate too!

II. Check availability of your character or pairing and claim it here. We allow all fandoms - anime, television, books, comics, movies, real person, etc :.)

III. Choose a theme set here.

IV. For both completed and dropped claims, post a comment here.

V. Check out the FAQ for other questions.


1. Do not post until your claim has been approved. You won't wait long. We check daily. :)

2. Post your stories in this format (just copy and paste):

3. Please - if you choose to post into the community, all posts must be put under an lj-cut. Cross-linking to your own journal is also allowed, so long as you tag your entries with the required tags. :)

4. Rate posts appropriately:

G - No coarse language, violence, or adult themes (i.e.sex).

PG - Minor violence, no severe injury; minor coarse language; no adult themes.

PG-13 - Some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.

R - Violence, strong coarse language, strong but non-explicit adult themes.

NC-17 - Just like R, except with explicit adult themes.

5. The fics may involve, but does not require, pairings. Het, yaoi, yuri, threesomes, and whatever else kink you want is allowed.

6. Post at least one story every two months or your claim will be dropped.

7. The minimum word count on any piece of fiction should be 100 words.

8. While we encourage and appreciate reviews of our writers' stories, flaming is NOT tolerated. If you do it once, you will be banned.

**Helpful Links**

CLAIMS LIST: The list of current claims and where you go if you want to make a claim.
THEMES LIST: The themes you may choose from when making your claim. Choose from Sets A, B, C or D. Each set has a bonus theme. You may either switch one theme of your choice with the bonus, or you may do 11 fics for an extra special 'completion' banner.
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions. Check here before you ask the mods a question directly. It may already be answered here.
COMPLETED/DROPPED CLAIMS: If you have finished or can no longer provide one fic per two months, please let us know here.
AFFILIATES: Just what it says. Go check them out. They're all awesome. :)
TAGS: Want to find a specific fic or fandom? Check here.

**Affiliated with**

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